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Zombie Gunship Survival Mod Apk Latest Version (Unlimited Money)

Zombie gunship survival mod apk game is a rare gift for mobile gamers users in which they will be able to enjoy interesting features. This shooting gunship game for mobile gamers has been introduced by “Flaregames” which is the most famous in the gaming world. You can easily control this zombie game from your mobile device and make this amazing game interesting. In addition, you may have seen a lot of movies on zombies and this is one of my favorite movies.

Inside the zombie gunship survival mod apk you have to kill the bloodthirsty zombies that are causing panic in the city. Your army is all around to fight them and you have to board the ship, defend them and target the zombie with an AC 130 gunship machine. Build military bases to protect your army from zombies. In this battle for survival, equip yourself with powerful weapons.


There are some features of the zombie gunship survival mod apk;

Deploy a strong army for defense

Zombies have invaded the city and are rarely a torment for human lives, everyone is scared of them. To save human lives you have to deploy a powerful army equipped with various weapons. Before deploying the army, take action by strategizing according to the mission so that you have less damage. If you deploy troops strategically, you have a better chance of winning against zombies and can take human lives.

Defense your army with AC 130 gun

Zombie neighborhoods kill a lot of our soldiers, which increases your chances of losing the game. You have to protect the remaining soldiers because this is the last hope to win against the zombies. To do this, board the plane and look down and target the zombies advancing towards the army with the AC 130 gun.

Use many other weapons for killing zombies

In this zombie gunship (all weapons unlocked) action game, you will be equipped with rare weapons that you will be able to use in battle. You can choose from 30 different types of weapons, each with its own characteristics and differences in attack range. The various weapons used in this game are rockets, snipers, rifles, and many other weapons. Initially, you have 3 weapons, the rest of the weapons need to be unlocked.

Build bases for humans

When the zombies attack, many people will fall prey to them and the rest of the survival should build bases to save them from the zombies. Because as an army you have a duty to protect the people of your state. So that the fear of zombies will leave the hearts of the people and they will feel safe inside these bases.

Compete with the powerful zombies

In this zombie gunship game, you will encounter not only ordinary zombies but also a terrifying and very powerful zombie which is a big challenge to target. These terrifying zombies can inflict heavy damage on army troops, civilians, and military bases on the ground. So you have to take timely action to deal with these dangerous zombies for the survival of ZG. For which you have to take the help of powerful weapons, so that all people on the earth may be safe. The most powerful zombie names are Shambler, Hellhound, Impaler, Titan, and Heavy titan.

Get rewards for upgrading the weapons, bases, and features

There are many rewards (unlimited gold, money) for you in this zombie gunship survival mod apk game. That you have to show your performance to get. By receiving these rewards you can strengthen your defenses and upgrade tower defense, weapons, and other game features. Inside the anger of stick 4 mod apk you get also unlimited rewards to upgrade the features.

Tips of the zombie gunship survival mod apk

There are some tips for the zombie gunship game;

  • Participate in the weekly events to get extraordinary rewards.
  • You can play this zombie gunship game with online gamers and friends.
  • Chat with your friends and show them your best moments.
  • You can compete with your friends for getting points on leaderboards.
  • If you want, you can buy some things in the game with your real money.

Zombie gunship survival weapons guide/tips

We Guide you in regards to the weapons level of this game so that you can use the weapon that is more powerful.
There are some most powerful weapons of this game;
7.62mm Machine Gun: A step from the 5.56mm machine gun the 7.62mm makes a great main gun.
90mm Heavy Cannon: This entry-level howitzer causes widespread damage.
100mm Heavy Cannon: This 100mm howitzer sets the mid-range of the heavy cannon in 4up.
20mm Autocannon: The lightest of the 20mm still makes short work of crowds.
5 AGM 114 Hellfire: The precision-guided hellfire was the primary air-to-ground missile for many nations due to its excellence against many types of targets.
WLSN Shotgun: With an 18-inch cylinder bore barrel the WLSN shotgun is an excellent zombie crowd control weapon.

No Ads

This zombie gunship survival mod apk game has been kept free from ads so you can keep the interest inside the game. Being free of ads, the gamer keeps his focus on the game and shows good performance in the game. If you want more playing which doesn’t contain advertisements, so dino hunter mod apk, and power rangers legacy wars mod apk is uploaded without advertisements.


Is zombie gunship survival mod apk a free game?

Yes! The zombie gunship survival mod apk is a free game that you can download free of cost from our website with unlimited rewards (gold, money).

Is zombie gunship survival mod apk an online game?

Yes! The zombie gunship survival mod apk is an online game, for this game requires an internet connection.

How to download the zombie gunship survival mod apk?

  • First of all, come to our website “apkmold.com” to download the zombie gunship game.
  • Click the download button of the zombie gunship game.
  • After downloading you install this action game on your device.
  • When the installation is complete you open this and play it.


All you can imagine about the zombie gunship survival mod apk game is that it doesn’t really happen. We provide you with the latest version of this game so that you can enjoy the latest features and get unlimited everything of this game. In addition, you can also get experience by that how to make a good sniper.

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