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Stickman Dismounting mod apk (Unlimited Coins) Free Download

The stickman dismounting mod apk is one of the most popular simulation games, introduced by “stickman games”. On the play store, you will find a lot of games in the stickman series but the latest version, of all these games, has stickman dismounting. Stickman has a different gameplay than other simulation games. Stickman is a fun game in which you will see various new features that have never been seen before.

You will not have any enemies and you will not have any fights etc, in this stickman game. In this game, you will hurt yourself instead of harming your enemies. In addition, you can use various vehicles for your hero and you also hurt these vehicles. The more damage you do to your character, the more you will be able to upgrade the game.

Features of the stickman dismounting mod apk

There are some features of the stickman dismounting mod apk;

Easy to play and control the stickman

Usually, android games are very difficult to control and play, but you can easily control and play this game. Because in this game you don’t have to make any strategy and you don’t have fear of any enemy. You can control and play the game just by touching the screen. That’s why this game has surpassed many other games in the world.

Divided into different levels

If you do the same kind of stunts in a game, and repeat the same thing over and over again. So you will feel bored with the game and you will not be able to enjoy the game. This game is divided into different levels to make it enjoyable for you. At each level, you will perform different stunts and you will find something new to do. In addition, you can use different vehicles and things at different levels.

Enjoy the many vehicles

In the stickman game, you will find a collection of many different vehicles that you can use to enjoy the game. Inside this android game, you will travel in these different cars and perform different tricks. You get to use vehicles that you haven’t seen in any other android games, such as trucks, cars, rickshaws, etc.

Amazing various stunts

To make this game interesting, you can enjoy the amazing stunts, you may not have seen these amazing stunts in any other game. In addition, you can learn about these amazing stunts and how to apply stunts in real life.

Realistic theories and physics

The stickman is a game based on realistic ideas and physics that will allow you to experience your real life. And the real reason it is so popular is that it is realistic gameplay.

Graphics and music

Lastly, it is important to know about the graphics and sound of this game as its graphics design has unique features. The design graphics of this game are mostly white and black. In addition, the sound is an important feature of this game that can’t be ignored. You can hear the specific sounds of everything you do in the game, even the sound of breaking bones due to the stunts of the hero.

The gameplay of the stickman dismounting mod apk

Its gameplay of the stickman dismounting mod apk is very strange in that you will play the game as a stuntman. In this game, the gamer makes dangerous stunts to harm the hero. The hero collides with walls and various obstacles which break the bones of his body. Interestingly, despite the broken bones, you survive in this game. And the more broken your bones, the more rewards you will get. The funny thing is that whenever you are angry, you can get rid of your anger by playing this game. You can also play the interesting game of the mystic messenger mod apk and get unlimited resources.

No Ads

The stickman dismounting mod apk is an ads-free simulation game so that you can enjoy this game. Many other games are uploaded with advertisements on other websites but on our website, you will not find these things. The dragon battle mod apk game is also an ads-free game where you can get unlimited rewards.


Is stickman dismounting mod apk an offline game?

Yes! The stickman dismounting mod apk is an offline game where you can get unlimited resources (money, coins). In addition, you can also play this game online.

How to download the stickman dismounting mod apk?

  • First of all, you come to our website “” to download the stickman game.
  • Click the download button of the stickman dismounting mod apk.
  • After downloading you install the stickman game on your device.
  • When the installation is complete you open and plays it.


We are satisfied that you will enjoy the stickman dismounting mod apk game. This game has added fun and many more features for you so that you can be satisfied in every way in the stickman game. If you want to play more games with the latest mod apk, you must visit my website.

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