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State of Survival Mod Apk Latest 1.14.10 (Unlimited Everything)

The State of Survival mod apk is an action-packed multiplayer game set in the unforgiving African wilderness. State of Survival is the best Zombie shooting game with a humorous style. This game is different from other Zombie Shooting games, it’s very fun. He plays like the survivor and uses many of the same items, but has slightly different stats and equipment. Take on zombies in solo missions and Play online with your friends, family members, classmates, colleagues, and other random people worldwide.

This game allows you to build your own settlement in a hostile environment and survive with other players. You will have to fight for every step towards victory, against hunger, cold, disease, wild animals, and even against your fellow man.

The storyline of the state of survival mod apk

State of Survival mod apk is a zombie shooter game that is inspired by the new movie “Suicide Squad”. State of Survival is a game based on realistic survival in the midst of a zombie infection. The world is on the brink of destruction and it is your duty to bring humanity back from the brink. The Joker is the ultimate maniac! When he escaped from Arkham Asylum, he unleashed a virus that turned humans into zombies.

State of survival mod apk gameplay

If you like to play online games with a lot of action, then this game is perfect for you. Make new friends or kill the enemies at any cost. It’s not just a zombie-killing game, it’s a multiplayer first-person shooter. Where you can talk with other players and make alliances or betray them. You will meet different characters in this dangerous world and they will help or betray you. You are a soldier with special training in survival, combat, and leadership.


There are some features of the state of survival mod apk:

Build your own community and survive together

The State of Survival is a post-apocalyptic zombie game that allows you to build up your own settlement and form a safe haven for your survivors. This game provides you with a vast area for development and construction. Fight for your life, build up your military base and make it the perfect settlement. To combat this virus of the walking dead, you must expel the zombies from your town.

Rescue the people’s

The last human beings are fighting with the infected zombies. As a leader of survivors, your mission is to rescue people. Who has special abilities and skills, which will be useful in the plague war? find a cure for the virus that turns ordinary people into cannibalistic monsters.

Make an awesome strategy

You are the leader of a group that has to fight against hordes of zombies, conquer enemy camps, and rescue people. Collect resources, upgrade your weapons, build barricades and do whatever you can to survive. You need to learn whatever you can to understand the infection, for this you will be making an awesome strategy. You can play the every game very well such as (war dragons, guns of golory, end etc) with a awesome strategy.

Socialize with strangers

Survive in a world overrun by zombies using the power of allies and alliances. This is the only way to survive is by alliances. Team up and make allies so that you can assist each other, trade goods, and build a strong community. Take part in massive battles against both zombies and human opponents who are bent on destroying your base.


Can we face ads in the state of survival mod apk?

The state of the survival mod apk free of any problems same as rise of kingdoms, in which one major problem is advertisements. Because ads are coming while players play the game, so they can’t play very well.

Who is the developer of the state of survival mod apk?

The “Kinggroup Holdings” is the developer of the state of the survival mod apk, his releases August 2019. Who provides you with the latest games for any device.

A final word of the state of survival mod apk

In this article, you read all the latest information about the state of survival mod apk. After reading this information, you will know about all the features, gameplay, and storyline of this game. And you will play a good game and show good results and of the game. In addition, there are many interesting things here that provide you with an enjoyable environment.

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