realm defense mod apk

Realm defense mod apk: legends heroes (Unlimited coins, money)

If you want to play a strategy game, you must download the best strategy game, Realm defense mod apk (unlimited money and gems), because this game is so famous all over the world. This game is offered by “Babeltime US” so that you can play this game and enjoy your free time. We are providing you this game which you can download from our website “” free of cost. You can get so many money coins in this game and upgrade your features.

realm defense mod apk


The realm defense mod apk is a tower defense game; you have to think of ways to win the war. You can fight with enemies. Many enemies are impressive that can get in trouble, so you have to make the best strategy against them. You can use one of the towers to deal with various dangers and strengthen your army and teach them skills so that they remain steadfast in battle.

Information About The Realm defense Mod Apk

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Game Name Realm Defense Mod Apk
Version 2.7.5
Size 111MB
Platform Android
Worldwide Download 5 Million+
Root Required? No
Mod Features Unlimited Money, Gems, Mod Unlocked, Free Shopping
Get it on Google Play Store



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  • This game is divided into 300+ levels, and each level game-play is different.
  • This game has seven worlds, and every world has four separate towers.
  • You should be part of the battle in which you get many rewards for exposing towers’ skills.
  • You will have to deal with many enemies, and some of them can get you in trouble.
  • Heroes with different abilities help you win the battle.
  • The structure, graphics, and images used in the realm defense mod apk are magnificent.
  • This game sound and background music of this game are beautiful same as dead ahead mod apk since there are seven worlds in this game and the background music of each world is different.


Realm Defense Hero

  1. Bolton
  2. Hogan
  3. Connie
  4. Masamune
  5. Lancelot
  6. Fee
  7. Shamiko
  8. Koizzle
  9. Raida
  10. Azura
  11. Caldera
  12. Lief
  13. Yan
  14. Helios
  15. Narlax
  16. Sethos
  17. Obsidian
  18. Smoulder
  19. Efrigid
  20. Maby

Realm Defense Mod Apk Hero Guide

We guide you through the different heroes and their characteristics. You should follow us because they provide you with information that will be very useful for you and with the help of which you can choose your best heroes.

Top 3 Heroes For Beginners

We tell you from experience which heroes to choose from in the beginning.


Efrigid launches an orb of ice that freezes the enemies and grounds under her foes, slowing and damages them. Besides that, Frigid rains down the ice on her enemies, doing serious damage and slowing them.


Casts a magic shield that protects allies from damage, Lancelot valiantly heals allies near him as the battles rage around them. Lancelot unleashes a critical sword and summons a heavenly fist of power on enemies.


Smolder calls down a swarm of enemies that dares to get near him, using his wings to unleash a tornado that passes through targets slowing and damaging them. Smolder unleashes a multitude of magic homing projects causing massive damage to a single unit.

Realm Defense Strongest Heroes For Tournament


Summons a swarm of bunny spirits, the ground around an enemy becomes teeming with bunny spirits that hinder bunnies from a spirit shield of swirling spirits around Connie.


Sometimes the bard song will play music for non-boss enemies in an area, and sometimes it will play a song that drastically slows or stuns enemies in an area.


Koizzul splashes around, slowing enemies in dream form, causing an earthquake; kizzul creates pots of water that slow enemies in the garden from his will generate waterfalls.

Realm Defense Game Guide

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  • Log in to Facebook to receive free gems!
  • Send gifts to your Facebook friends to help them.
  • Problem with a purchase? Contact us! Include your receipt ID!
  • Quests are a great source of gems!
  • You can backup and recover your saved game in the options menu.
  • Complete the five mission levels without losing to claim the weekly prize.
  • All towers can now are upgraded to level 21.
  • Tap on the”?” see what tower abilities do.
  • When trying new strategies, remember to try different towers up-grade.
  • Up-grade the buildings in your hang-on.
  • Play shattered to get an elixir!


The Gameplay of The Realm Defense

Realm defense mod apk is a tower defense game, and you must always be ready for epic battles to protect your kingdom. With the help of numbers, heroes, and towers, you can make the best strategy to defeat the enemy in battle. In this game, you can add a lot of players to the fight, and In addition, many heroes help you in the war, such as Bolton, dragon, etc. In the realm defense mod apk game, you have to defend massive waves, Participate in the tournament to prove your abilities, and get maximum rewards.

realm defense mod apk

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Asked Friendly Questions (FAQs)?

Can we play the realm defense mod apk in offline mode?

Yes! You will be able to play the realm defense mod apk in offline mode same as empire takeover mod apk, but you don’t get extra features, and resources the same as you get in the online mode.

How many level we enjoy in the realm defense mod apk?

Here you can enjoy the currently 40 different levels for a hero.

How do we get gems in the realm defense mod apk?

We can get gems in Realm Defense by using different ways and this is the main source to get gems. Realm Defense Mod Apk you can get gems through completing quests and the story mode.

Can we play the realm defense mod apk On PC?

Yes! You can play the realm defense mod apk on your PC with the help of Blusestacks app player.

How to Download the Realm Defense mod apk updated version?

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  • First of all, you search my website “” on google.
  • Then you click the download button of this game.
  • After Downloading, you install the game on your device.
  • Once the game is installed, open it and start playing.



Hey guys! It was great to spend time with you, and I hope you enjoyed it too. We have informed you about the realm defense mod apk to avoid getting in trouble during the game. We have given you the latest version of the realm defense mod apk with unlimited gems and options. And hopefully, you will come to our website to learn and download more games and provide this platform to your friends.

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