mystic messenger apk

Download Mystic Messenger Apk V1.18.6 (Unlimited Hearts) 2022

The mystic messenger apk “cheritz Co. Ltd” reached the public on June 18, 2016. With the advent of this game, it became famous all over the world. You may have played a lot of games but the fun in this game is not in any other game where a lot has been added for your enjoyment. This game is for Koren girls who are looking for beautiful and attractive boys. You can download the mystic messenger apk from our website.

mystic messenger apk


If you don’t have any friends in real life that you can chat with and you feel lonely. This game will help you to get rid of loneliness as you will interact with different people in this game. This game is famous with the younger generation because in this game you learn about love. You can play this interesting game of the mystic messenger on your android.

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Information About The Mystick Messenger

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Game Name Mystic Messenger Apk
Version 1.18.6
Size 151MB
Platform Android
Worldwide Download 5 Million+
Developer Cheritz Co.Ltd
Mod Features Unlimited Money, Hearts, HourglasssMod Unlocked,



There are some features of the mystic messenger apk:

Enjoy the simple and attractive play

Nowadays people like to play mostly simple and interesting android games, so this game has a lot of features with simple and interesting play. This game attracts a lot of people because you will be free to play the mystic messenger. Another simple and attractive simulation game of the Godus mod apk, and stickman dismountin mod apk which you can play very easily.

Many beautiful guys

Because it was designed for girls to make friends with beautiful young people and chat with them. So there are a lot of attractive and hot young guys in this game with whom you can make friends and talk. Every boy’s hair color, style, and characteristics are different which makes them look different from each other.

Chat with guys in different methods

There are various communication methods in this game that you can use to communicate with people. You also have these methods in real life to communicate with people.
These methods are:

E-mail: If you want to transfer some of your data to people, such as your pics, files, or something else, use an e-mail.

Message: If you want to send a message to your recipient immediately, you can send a message by using this way.

Call: The most effective and interesting way is to talk to your friends directly and listen to each other’s voices.

Get a notification on your mobile when don’t play the game

If for some reason you are not playing this game you will not be able to access many messages of this game. So like a real messaging app, you will receive notifications from this game.

The gameplay of the mystic messenger apk

The gameplay of the mystic messenger apk is full of friendship and love where there will be sexy and beautiful young boys. You can play the mystic messenger apk as a girl who finds hot guys. This game works like a real messaging app as you can send and receive messages with your friends. You can start your love story with any of the hot characters in this game. You can exchange messages in different ways in this game, for example, you can call your friends, type messages, and send them emails.

mystic messenger apk

Characters of this game

There are characters of the mystic messenger apk:

  1. Zen The Knight
  2. Jumin Han
  3. Yoosung
  4. Jaehee Kang
  5. 707/Seven
  6. V


There are some tips/instructions of the mystic messenger apk:

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  • Starting a new game between 11:30 pm to 11:59 pm might give you 50 hourglasses.
  • The game might crash but the saved life won’t be affected. Accounts may be banned from game abuse without notice.
  • Only spend an hourglass on after ending, buying 100 hourglasses is enough.
  • If you click on the members’ faces on the main menu, you can check out their status and profile photos.
  • Please make sure the game is not quit or interrupted during save or look.
  • Fixing wrong guest answers.
  • The free period for loading save slots has ended. 5 hourglasses are needed to load a save slot in the setting.


No Ads

Mystic messenger is ads-free to make the game more interesting and enjoyable same as my singing monsters mod apk. Advertising makes gamers feel bored and they don’t play the game more.

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Is mystic messenger apk free?

Yes! The mystic messenger (unlimited hourglasses) apk is a free game, from which you can download from our website ‘”.

How to get hourglasses in mystic messenger apk?

In mystic messenger, hourglasses can be obtained in different ways such as participating in the chatroom, buying 1 hourglass with 100 hearts.

How many emails to get a good ending?

This game requires at least 15 successful emails to get a good ending. Less than 15 emails give you a normal ending.

Can we play the Mystic Messenger without spending?

If you want to know about the best time to play the mystic messenger, so the best is around midday in order to secure a good ending.

Can we play the mystic messenger in offline mode?

Yes! You will be able to play the mystic messenger in offline mode, in which you can enjoy very well, and also get experince.

How to download the mystic messenger apk?

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  • First of all, come to our website “” for downloading mystic messenger.
  • Click the download button of the mystic messenger.
  • After downloading you install this game on your device.
  • When the installation is complete you open this game and play it.


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If you want interactive chat and spend your free time with the hot guys, you download the mystic messenger (unlimited hourglass/VIP) apk. In this game, you can see unbelievable graphics and sound. We are providing you with the latest version of the mystic messenger apk where you can get unlimited hearts.

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