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Mortal Kombat Mod Apk Version 3.3.0 (Unlimited Money, souls) Android

Mortal kombat mod apk is an ultimate fighting game which is one of the best fighting games of 2021. This fighting game was uploaded to the play store by a famous developer “Warner bros international Enterprises” With a high graphics design and great sound. For android gamers, this game is presented with interesting features so that gamers have access to everything. You can download this game for free from our website in the OBB data file in addition to mod apk.

After a long time, an action-packed game has been introduced in which you can recruit the best fighters from all over the world. You can play this thrilling game in single-player and multiplayer modes, as well as prove your strength in tournaments around the world. You can play this game online with the powerful fighters of the world. In addition, you can form a team of different heroes from around the world and compete with enemies.

Features of the mortal kombat mod apk

There are some features of the mortal kombat mod apk;

MK11 character

You make a special team MK11 to fight the enemies and do a lot of damage to them. Mk 11 includes powerful characters of this game like jade, scorpion. Raiden Kabal, and many others who have special unique skills. Every army in MK11 is very powerful and fights the enemy very aggressively.

Enjoy 3V3 Fights

Team combination is any game that is a nightmare for enemies in which team members attack enemies together. You should also form a team of 3 members and stand against powerful enemies. 3v3 means that your 3 team members compete with 3 members of the opposing team. In this fight, each player of the team attacks his enemies with his special powers.

Facing the difficult challenges

In order to prove yourself the best fighter in this game, you will have to face many challenges that other players do to you. Accept these challenging fights and prove your strength by competing with the enemies. By accepting these challenges you will get extra rewards and you get more rewards by participating in tournaments. YYou also have to face many challenges in the respawnables mod apk game.

Online multiplayer faction wars

Lots of people around the world like you are playing this game with which you can fight online in faction war. You can join someone’s team to fight someone and you also compete online by forming your own team. Defeat your opponent in an online fight and get a top position on the leaderboards. you can also play the injustice 2 mod apk in online multiplayer mode. The mobile legends mod apk is also an online multiplayer game where you can enjoy the different heroes.

Customize your game

Mortal Kombat features inside the game allow you to customize the design of the game. In addition, you can customize the characters in the game, you will use different clothes and other things. Unlock different objects to design the character.

Most useful information of the mortal kombat mod apk

There is some useful information about the mortal kombat mod apk for you;

  • Power drain reduces the opponent’s power bar.
  • Power is required to use special attacks.
  • You can use the equipment on your character to make them even more powerful.
  • Tap your character card to flip it over and access your equipment.
  • Only fusion level X characters can progress to level 60.
  • Poison, bleed, and fire status effects slowly drain away health over time.
  • Each faction has its own leaderboard.
  • How high you rank on the leaderboard determines your season rewards.
  • Playing faction wars gives you rewards at the end of each season. Rewards include souls, koins, blood, rubies, and equipment cards.
  • Toughness reduces how much damage is taken if toughness is higher than the opponent’s attack.
  • Increase the damage of your special attack by upgrading them.
  • You can gain souls by leveling up your account, completing ladders, and completing daily objectives.
  • The equipment pack found in the store gives 3 equipment cards.
  • Each character can use up to 3 equipment cards to boost their power.
  • Blind opponents will occasionally whiff, causing only minor damage.
  • You can view your passives and those of your opponents’ mid-match in the pause menus.
  • When you receive a duplicate character card, they will fuse together to create a more powerful card.
  • Some fighters use grapples. Which can’t be blocked.
  • If you get duplicate equipment items, the two will fuse together to make a more powerful item.

How to download the mortal kombat mod apk

  • First of all, come to our website “” to download the mortal kombat.
  • Click the download button of this fighting game.
  • After downloading you install this game on your device.
  • When the installation is complete you open this and start fights with enemies.


We have provided you with features and important information about the mortal kombat mod apk game So that you can improve your performance in this game. Providing you an updated version of this latest simulation game so that you can also enjoy its new features, and hack unlimited money and soul. In addition, we are uploading the latest mod apk games of different categories which you can download free of cost from our website.

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