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Lovestruck Mod Apk Download With Unlimited (Tickets, Hearts) 2022

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About the lovestruck mod apk

The lovestruck mod apk is the latest simulation game, which you can use for everything you need for a simulation game. This game has many awesome, and different features from other mod apk games. These features help you to maintain your enjoyable movements so that you won’t get bored. This game has awesome features such one 3D graphics, attractive sound/music, unlimited resources, and many other things.

With this mod apk you can start a love story, and your life with different beautiful girls. This game will be a good choice for you to try. We only have love stories, so if you want to play a love story game, please try it.

The gameplay of the lovestruck mod apk

This game will show you how much you love each other or how much love is there for two people. Lovestruck mod apk is an addictive game in which you have to collect as many hearts as possible, but it’s not that easy. You have to avoid the bombs and complete the levels without losing your lives. The lovestruck game will bring you through many twists and turns to win your love interest.

Features of the lovestruck mod apk

There are some features of the lovestruck mod apk:

Find your compatibility with your dream partner

You have the opportunity to capture the heart of your perfect man or woman in over 80 unique and romantic stories. Make decisions and choose the path of love you want to take as you find yourself falling in love with one of Lovestruck’s suitors. You can meet your dream lover – a hot vampire, an adorable werewolf or just a regular human being, and you will continue dating him or her.

The ultimate Gangster romance with a twist

Lovestruck is the ultimate gangster romance with a twist. You play as the gangster, Damon, and the only thing you care about is your next heist. But then you see your next target and she’s beautiful.

Examine your profile for compatibility

Everyone wants to meet their soulmate, but very few people know how to find them. If you’re tired of being alone and want to find a happy relationship, create a profile and meet San Francisco singles today. So, We created lovestruck to help you find that special someone and to help you find local singles. Create a profile and see if you’re compatible with the people who are nearby.

Lovestruck never reveals your personal information to other users

What we’re all about at lovestruck is to bring a new kind of security to Android. Lovestruck is the first game on the market to combine cloud-like features with a powerful security feature. Stay safe and secure with the best anti-stalking, anti-spam app for Android. This app will give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your Android device and have fun with it.

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Discover love stories around the world in lovestruck mod apk

Addictive love stories in various categories: love, friendship, family etc.


LOVE’S PURSUIT: is the second chapter of the lovestruck saga. Enter the world where cybernetic creatures live and humans are barely tolerated. Help the lovestruck hero to find his one true love in the midst of dangerous mysteries.


Dive into a new kind of love story in my sireb crush, Immerse yourself in a beautiful world and find true love! Dive deep into the ocean and meet a beautiful mermaid. Or a handsome merman, make choices and win the heart of your siren crush.


You’ll be enthralled by this beautifully crafted story as you try to solve the mystery of the Immortal Hearts Society.


In the newest addition to the ever After academy series, you can choose your own adventure as you create your own story and find your own happily ever after.


In lovestruck, you’ll explore the animal world and find your perfect match. You’ll have to be brave and embrace the call of the wild to gain the power to change into new animal forms and discover their true nature.


Wicked Lawless Love is a western story with a twist of horror and a splash of romance. It will take you out of your comfort zone and onto a dangerous adventure that you’ll never forget.

No Ads

It helps you to play your favorite mobile games for free without any type of ads same as airport city mod apk. So, you will remove ads on the lovestruck mod apk to get a better gaming experience.


Can we play the lovestruck mod apk in offline mode?

No, you cannot play this lovestruck game in offline mode as it is an online only game. You can play this game with an internet enabled phone.

How to get more hearts in lovestruck mod apk?

We will give you a detailed description about how to get more hearts in lovestruck mod apk. So, To get more hearts, don’t miss the tips on how to get more chances for hearts. Earn hearts from Daily Rewards and special missions to win more rewards than ever before.

How to get more tickets?

There are several ways to get more tickets. Some of them are very common, some are quite rare and secret. We’ve created this MOD APK because we are aware that a lot of people are looking to find a way to get more tickets. After you get the first pack of tickets, you will be given 2.5 hours to recover one more pack. Download it from the link given above to recover the tickets at a pace of one each 2.5 hours.

Can we play this game in different languages?

Yes! As you may have noticed, we are now available in English and French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian.

A final word of the lovestruck mod apk

As an indie game developer, it was my first attempt at making a complex visual novel that has multiple endings and I hope you enjoy it. Here we will be talking about the latest news, features, tips and tricks. If you’re looking for love with a more modern approach, then you should definitely try this game. In addition, you can get more mod apk on our website with unlimited features and resources.

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