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Hills of Steel Mod Apk Latest Version 2021(Unlimited Gems, Money)

The hills of steel mod apk is the latest action game featuring tank battles. It has attracted the attention of people all over the world due to its unique features like good-looking graphics and attractive sound. A well-known developer “Superplus Games” has introduced 2 versions of this game, the most interesting of which are hills of steel mod apk. If such a thrilling game is for android, then the interest and fun of the game are doubled.

Since this game involves fighting tanks, you can use different tanks to fight the enemies and you have to control the tanks well. To fight the enemies, you have to go to the mountains and trample on the enemy tanks that come your way. In addition, you must protect yourself from enemy tank attacks. After winning tank fights you can get unlimited rewards (gems, money, coins) and prove that you are the best player in this game.

The gameplay hills of steel mod apk

The gameplay of hills of steel mod apk is not difficult so anyone can play it very easily. In this action game, you will see different types of tanks in action which will be wreaking havoc. You have to control your tank, climb the hill and crush the enemies in your way. One thing to keep in mind is that your enemy is also controlling a dangerous tank so you have to protect yourself from their attack. You can also fight against the powerful enemies who call you boss. Also, equip your tanks with dangerous weapons and unlock them first to enjoy the new tanks. You must upgrade your tank to achieve more success in the game. To perform well in the game and get rewards (gold, money, coins, gem) yourself. The azur lane mod apk, and anger of stick 4 mod apk is also a more interesting game where you can get unlimited features.

Features highlights of the hills of steel mod apk

There are some features of the hells of steel mod apk;

Enjoy different tanks battle

You can play this game with the help of 9 different types of tanks such as Aracano, Tesla, Ballista, Joker, Mammoth, etc. Each rank has its own special weapons, which makes each of them have a special way of attacking. Before starting the game, learn about the movement of these tanks so that you can be comfortable during the game

Enjoy Different game modes

The game is well designed in every way and features are included so that gamers can enjoy the game. It has the feature that you can play this game in more than one way.

The first way is that you play a 1v1 match, which means you have only one player in the competition. You have to defeat your opponents within one minute or else the one with less blood after the time is up will suffer a tank defeat.

Another way to play this game is that you play a 2v2 match which means you form a team of 2 players with your friends. Cooperate with each other to attack the enemy with the best strategy. In addition, you will have a team of two players in front of you.

The third method is a battle hard and different from the other methods because in it you will face the boss of the game which is very powerful.

Scorpion’s boosters

There are some scorpion’s boosters;
Airstrike: Droop missiles from the sky to damage enemies.
Repair kit: If you were injured during the war, you can use it to restore some of your health.
Circular saw: Using it you can kill your nearest enemies.
Shock wave: Pushes back and damages enemies around you.
Mine: Place a mine that detonates on enemy contact.
Napalm: Droop missiles that test enemies on fire.
Force Shield: This will allow you to prevent further damage.
Rapid Reload: Instantly reloads your gun and up shooting for a while.


There are some tips/instructions of the hills of steel mod apk

  • Join Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so you can get rewards.
  • You can change your player name according to you.
  • Please enable google play games to play this game mode.
  • Use a repair kit to fix your tank.
  • You can get daily rewards in this tank fighting game.
  • Found a cloud save which save should be used.
  • You can get a lot of chests in this game.


Is hills of steel mod apk a free game?

Yes! The hills of steel unlimited money and gems mod apk is a free game that you can download free of cost from our website “apkmold.com” with unlimited features and resources. But in order to acquire or use some of its features, they have to buy them with their own money. You can also download the slither. io mod apk free of cost which you can get unlimited resources.

How to download the hills of steel mod apk?

  • First of all, come to our website “apkmold.com” to download the hills of steel game.
  • Click the download button of the hills of steel mod apk.
  • After downloading you install this tank fighting game on your device.
  • When the installation is complete you open and plays it.

Final Words of the hills of steel mod apk

The hills of steel mod apk are the best choice to fulfill your desire of playing full-action games. This is the latest information on the tanks fighting game that we are providing you above, which you can learn about this game. In addition, this is the latest version of the hills of steel mod apk where there are a lot of battle machines that you can enjoy.

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