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Emergency HQ Mod Apk Download With (Unlimited Monet, Speed Up)

The EMERGENCY HQ mod apk is your access to the world of rescue workers. It’s not only a game but also a training tool: Train in realistic emergency situations and become a true fireman, police officer, or paramedic. Emergency HQ has been developed exclusively for mobile devices and is now available on Android. The game has realistic graphics in both 2D and 3D views, as well as professional sound effects and an original soundtrack.

Emergency HQ is a strategy game which is so long, you will have to make sure that you have enough time to finish it, because otherwise you will lose interest fast. But once you start, you will be hooked. Read more here.

The gameplay of the emergency HQ mod apk

EMERGENCY HQ mod apk is a new simulator game in the series of games “EMERGENCY”. In this part you will have to become a head of a real rescue organization. You will be able to manage all aspects of the organization, also for the first time, you will be able to build their own station, hire personnel and participate in the development and improvement of the car fleet.

You are in control of the emergency units and you need to help injured people and put out fires. It is up to you to prevent further disasters by managing your resources effectively and being creative when faced with various situations.

Features of the emergency Hq mod apk

There are some features of the emergency HQ mod apk:

Game design for the medical field

This game is designed for medical students, doctors, nurses, and anyone who wants to test their medical skills. You can practice your knowledge of medicine, and even learn medical terms. It’s a fun way to learn the basics of medicine. Emergency HQ is the best medical simulation game for Android, where you can become a doctor, a nurse, a surgeon, and many other professions.

Customize your character

In emergency hq, you will have to play a role of a firefighter and your main concern is to save the citizens in danger. You can also customize your character as per your liking by changing his look and clothing as well.

Emergency rooms

Emergency HQ is an addictive game where you take on the role of an emergency room doctor. It is a fun game full of action, excitement. In this game, you can find – Emergency room with realistic graphics; – Lab tests. Play emergency HQ and treat the patients in the emergency room. This is a fun game that lets you be a doctor. It’s full of emergency patients. You will be saving lives and treating patients in the different emergency rooms of the hospital.

Is an application that you will play at different level

Are you a fan of the mod apk game “Emergency HQ”? Do you want to train your skills? This mod apk is for you. We have created 4 levels (Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme) of difficulty for you to choose from to match your playing ability. This app is for people who want to work out their brains, improve their minds, and exercise their focus. I hope you enjoy this brainteaser game. More levels will be coming soon. Please leave a review and give me your suggestions.

19 interesting missions

In this game, you will be an assistant fireman and your goal is to get all the missions done as fast as possible. You must complete every mission by using your skills and knowledge. It’s a game about the work of the firefighters, paramedics, police officers, and other rescue workers. Get your missions done and make sure everyone is safe. There are 19 missions you need to complete, they are all interesting and make you think about what you should do. Choose from a range of mission types and work on different scenarios, from car crashes to fires and more.

5 amazing locations: Build the world’s greatest emergency response network

It’s a game where you have 5 locations to be exploring in, which are hospitals, forests, mountains, desert, and arctic tundra. At each level, it will present you with different kinds of challenges that need your quick response. Emergency HQ is a fun and exciting new driving game where you travel around 5 different locations picking up injured people and delivering them to the hospital as quickly as possible

30+ Emergency vehicles to choose

emergency hq is a fun and challenging driving game where you can drive fire trucks, ambulances, police cars or polices bike, and many more. In addition, You get to drive around in large vehicles, help people from burning buildings and injured persons on the street, drive the ambulance and much more. You will be on the city streets in need of help from people who need saving. Drive fast to the location and save them before they die.

An action-packed rescue game where you build and manage your team

Emergency HQ is a multiplayer game for Android smartphones and tablets. In this game, you will build and manage your HQ, hire rescue teams to take on missions, and complete missions to level up.

Command a rescue team in the midst of an emergency

Command a rescue team in the midst of an emergency. Show your ability to lead and bring lives back from the brink of death. Fight fires, neutralize bombs and tackle a variety of situations with the fully-featured Emergency HQ. All the units have to work together – from fire and ambulance, police, SWAT, technical services, and also hospital staff.

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Is Emergency Hq mod apk a free game?

Yes! The Emergency HQ mod apk the best strategy game, which you can download, and then play free of cost. Our website “apkmold.com” provides the latest download link of this game, and also the best mod apk in the gaming world.

Who is the developer of the Emergency HQ mod apk?

The game was released in May 2013, by the developer: H5 games is a part of the company’s “Journey” series of games.

A final word of the Emergency HQ mod apk

Emergency HQ mod apk is a 3D multi-player driving game that puts you in the seat of an emergency responder. We’ve created a simulation of multiple emergency situations to help you improve your skills in handling these types of critical situations. This game is fun and challenging because it contains a lot of interesting puzzles and mini-games. You will have to do everything possible to catch the criminal.

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