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Download Worldbox Apk: Sandbox God Simulator (Free shopping ) 2022

If you are a fan of sandbox games, then you have probably played the game of Minecraft. However, do you know that there are other games of this genre? Here are some of the best sandbox games you should know about. The application Download Worldbox Apk is a modification of the Android game. It’s an adventure in which the user becomes the main character and can change the world as he likes.

The one and only simulator game, in which you can change the weather, create new planets and control everything that happens on them. Conquer other worlds and make your followers worship you as Gods. If you are tired of ordinary life, then this game is for you.


There are some features of the Download Worldbox Apk:


Have you ever dreamed about building your own civilization? In this strategy game, you can join the action, play for free and build your own empire. Are you ready to discover the best strategy game ever? Start now, build your empire and evolve. Your civilization will have its own unique look, language and culture. Meet the challenges in this strategy game and lead your people to their victory.

Use different powers

WorldBox is a that lets you play around with different powers. You can add guns, defense, gravity, and even nukes. Play with realistic powers and effects. You can spawn tornadoes, tornados, spawning worms underground and much more. You can even melt the ground with acid rain.

Simulate various disasters and study their impact, with worldbox

Will you survive the next disaster? Find out how natural disasters can affect any given location in the world. You can also see how cities fare in a nuclear war. Experience powerful and realistic earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, sinkholes, and volcanoes with a worldbox.

Craft your own pixel universe

Worldbox apk is a simple and easy-to-use pixel art editor app. It is a powerful tool for creating pixel art, building pixel worlds and sharing your creations with friends. It provides many cool tools, brushes and effects to help you build art.

Game modes

World Box is a strategy game where you can choose to play in multiple modes same as zero city mod apk: single player, multi-player, and team play.

No Ads

The gamers feel so comfortable if they don’t face ads, such as they don’t face ads in adventure capitalist mod apk and bitlife mod apk. I want you to maintain your comfort, so we provide you Download Worldbox Apk without any ads.


Can we play the Download Worldbox Apk in offline mode?

WorldBox Apk is a sandbox game that lets you build, destroy and craft anything you want in a 3D world. Play in Creative mode or Survival mode with friends. Take out your phone and play anywhere with an offline mode.

Who is the developer of the Download Worldbox Apk?

The Download Worldbox Apk is a product of a famous company “Maxim Karpenko”, this game developed by everyone with premium features.

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